❝Social media is about much more than content; it's about understanding and using each platform to its fullest potential.❞

Managing Partner Felix Richter (M.Sc. Digital Marketing) knows the world of social media. For over 10 years he has been advertising on a wide variety of social platforms, conducting A/B/C tests, comparing organic with paid posts and optimizing the targeting of the right target groups. Below you will find a list of social media on which we have extensive experience with organic posts and paid campaigns.

Meta Business Suite / Manager

Starting with Facebook, the platform has expanded to Instagram and now offers the possibility to coordinate posts and advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and the Messenger. A distinction must be made between reels, stories and standard posts. In total, Meta has over 20 positions for a single advertising campaign. In addition, there are organic posts and addressing the right target groups. A/B/C tests and KPIs play an important role. We can train your employees in this or take over the management of your meta activities for your company. We look forward to your contact request.



TikTok is often referred to as a platform for young people. In fact, 48% of internet users aged 38 to 39 are active on TikTok, as are 29% of those aged up to 49 (Statista, 2024). However, it is true that younger target groups are more likely to be found on TikTok. Anyone who chooses TikTok must be aware that content production is complex, as TikTok videos have to be particularly creative and appealing. TikTok provides a business manager for advertisements, which offers a good way to reach your target group. We would be happy to advise you on this. We look forward to your contact request.



Reddit is divided into topic-specific discussion groups. Therefore, Reddit is interesting for niche products or when you want to address a target group that is interested in something specific at a certain time. It is difficult to make your products or services known organically on Reddit, as most groups do not allow organic sharing of posts with an advertising character. However, it is possible to place paid advertising in the discussion groups. We have a lot of experience with Reddit and are happy to support you with your Reddit campaign. We look forward to your contact request.



YouTube is officially classified as a video platform, but can also be described as a social media. With YouTube, it is particularly important to set up an appealing channel, which requires certain basic knowledge. YouTube advertising is placed via Google Ads, in the display advertising category, and can be linked to other Google Ads campaigns. In terms of content, YouTube is one of the most appealing social media. Videos and short films (shorts) must be filmed and edited to a high standard. We would be happy to help you set up or optimize your YouTube channel. We look forward to your contact request.



Pinterest is particularly suitable for brands and companies that have high-quality photos. For example, Pinterest is ideal for destination marketing, but also for cosmetic products or car dealerships. The big advantage of Pinterest is that images that have been uploaded once continuously generate views. In addition, advertisements can also be placed on Pinterest. We would be happy to help you structure your Pinterest channel. We look forward to your contact request.

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