Team Steiger

Georgianna and Felix Richter founded Steiger Art & Media KG in autumn 2017. The company focuses on IT services (in the field of digital marketing), professional photography and trade (with a focus on e-commerce).

Felix Richter

Felix Richter

Felix Richter is a journalist (BA) and specialist in digital marketing (M.Sc., MCI - Innsbruck). Felix programmed his first homepage back in 1995 and has been working nonstop in the digital world ever since. His in-depth knowledge covers the entire field of digital marketing: SEO, SEA, content production, web usability, social media (organic & ads), AIO, e-commerce, analytics, digital leadership and much more. His background as a journalist (with a focus on professional photography) enables him to bridge the gap between creative content development and technical implementation in the digital field. Link: LinkedIn profile Felix Richter.

Georgianna Basto

Georgianna Richter

Georgianna Richter specializes in retail and visual concepts. She first worked as an assistant to well-known fashion photographers in Rio de Janeiro and then moved into the fashion industry, where she managed several shoe stores of the Constança Basto brand for five years. In 2004, she founded a photo gallery with two partners. She has been a self-employed art consultant since 2009. In 2021, she founded the Diamant Tirol brand together with Felix and is now responsible for the brand concept and the day-to-day business of the startup.

Felix Richter is the contact person for all matters relating to digital marketing. For larger projects, we work with Tyrolean companies such as agencies, web and app developers, database specialists and designers. We look forward to hearing from you. contact request.
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